An app to make all your dreams come true.
The app connects to your bank account and with a few simple settings it will customize the perfect savings plan to save up for your dream. 

The Problem

people want to save money, but they continue to spend money without realizing it all goes.

The Target

To help people save money and make their dream come true.

The Solution

An application that connects to the bank account, which helps  manage money inflow and outflow by tracking and real time alerts.

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Target Audience

Young people, who want to achieve something with financial value and don’t know how to conduct themselves financially.

People with an active bank account and income.

User Journy

Sagi is 28 years old. He lives in a shared apartment in Haifa (-1,500₪). Every morning Sagi is late to work in Aroma (+2,500₪) because of public transportation. Sagi decides that its time to put an end to it and to buy a scooter. He tries to save money, but at the end of every month he finds out that he has 0₪ left, and he doesn't understand where all the money went.

Sagi heard from a friend of a friendly app which helps you to acquire the things you want by smart financial management.

Sagi downloads the app, allows it to safely connect to his bank account, and completes his registration by filling a few basic details. Sagi adds "Scooter" to his Wishlist, and he budgets his expenses. He chooses to save 500₪ every month in order to obtain his wish, So he will always have money left over.

Soon Sagi is going to celebrate his 29th birthday, and instead of presents, he asks friends and family to please contribute money to his wishlist, so that he will achieve his goals.

Sagi hangs out with friends at a restaurant and gets a notification from the app - "you've got only 200₪ to spend on food, we advise you not to spend it all tonight". So although everyone ordered a steak for 120₪ each, Sagi choses to settle for a hamburger that costs only 50₪, saving 70 precious NIS.

At the end of the month Sagi noticed that he spent less than what he budgeted for himself. He is thrilled about that, and decides to invite a friend to a beer saying it's "on me". But then he gets notified by the app about his balance, and the amount of money he managed to save. The app advice Sagi to transfer the saved money to his wishlist and Sagi approves that proposal. The app encourages Sagi, saying "Keep up the good work, in less than six months we'll reach the goal"

Ideation & Sketching


Connection to your bank account

Budgets by categories

Direct payment

Always makes sure there is money left in your checking account

Wish list sharing to allow contributions from friends and relatives

GPS Recognition

Notes, Tips, Advice, and Reminders

General overview of the account

Unused budget is invested in the wishlist, or as a direct payment

Progress bar

Wireframes & Flows

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The Product

Simple and fast sign-up process

Choose your dream

The goal we're here to achieve. What's your dream and what's its price

Connects to your account and extracts the needed information to customize app usage.

Budget Tracks

Offers different levels of budget tracks so it will fit you needs exactly!

The Budget

Tracks your expenses And lets you change the budget each month.

Focus on what really matters

Your dream and how long it will take to achieve it


A screen which shows you all the important things

A little help won't harm

You can share your dream with your relatives and friends, so they'll help you achieve it

Don't you worry, the app will be with you along the way and send you notes, tips, advice, and reminders.