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Sweet for the Soul is a sweet social enterprise set up to alleviate the loneliness in society by baking and distributing cakes to people who need someone to talk to (lone soldiers, Holocaust survivors, youth) and anyone who needs a little pick me up for the weekend!

So how do you do that?
It's Really simple!


The Problem

An inconvenient process for coordinators and volunteers that includes Excel charts, personal responses and individual conformation for team members and limited volunteer and recipient tracking options.

The Target

The Solution

To create a system that works, automatically as much as possible, and organizes the information in one place, in a comfortable way in order to make it easier for the association coordinator in follow up and routine management.

A website that allows volunteers to sign up and receive a quick reply through the automated system and help the coordinators manage, follow up and maintain the weekly activity.

Target Audience


Baking enthusiasts from all over the country and of all ages who want to bring happiness by baking and meeting up with lonely people.



Young people who are in charge of the volunteers and are associated with a certain city. Their routine work is regular maintenance of registration and joining up volunteers and recipients, approval of new volunteers, and tracking the recipient's status.

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Wireframes & Flow


The Product

Volunteer Side

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Login Screen

Login Page - Mobile...png

Landing screen explaining abut the project and the volunteer process

Login Page - Mobile---2.gif

Volunteer registration. The process is short & simple.

System feedback about approval or rejection of team creation

Association Side

Weekly management screen

The main manager screen in which weekly status, city action tracking and team approval is shown.

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When a manager approves or denies a new volunteer's new partnership it creates an automatization for this volunteer's future registration.

Bakers chart

All the information about the existing volunteers and contact information.

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Volunteersss Table.png

Recipients chart

All the information about the existing recipients, contacting options, and quick status update.

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Cities chart

Management of participating cities - appointment of coordinators and neighborhoods and regions adding option.

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